October 28, 2015

When your pants feel really mushy 
and their filled with something slushy...


Anonymous said...

Before, when I was younger, I saw a movie set in a world of nursery rhymes. I remember it was live-action and there were nursery rhymes like Jack and Jill, Dear Liza (who had to fix the hole in Jack's bucket), Humpty Dumpty and 10 in a bed.

I also remember there being like a large clock and paintings the main character jumped into (a bit like a nursery rhyme version of Mario 64).

Been looking online for ages but seem to find no results matching it. Any ideas?
Nursery Rhymes Lyrics

John Adam said...

Does anyone know any creepy nursery rhymes - preferably ones from the 1800's and even farther back? Excluding Rock-a-Bya-Baby
The Good Dinosaur Finger Family

Anonymous said...

Mother goose rock n rhyme?

pdxgirl503 said...

Rock a bye baby is creepy to you?? O.o
And what do nursery rhymes have to do with DIARRHEA CHA CHA CHA?